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Historic Preservation - RINO                                                                                                               Colorado Iron Works

Research and Preliminary Property Evaluation -                                                 3350 Brighton Blvd. Denver, CO 80216

National Register of Historic Places, 2010                                                   

The Source

The Source

RINO Historic Preservation


In 2010, as a part of my Masters of Architecture and Urban Design degree at and Historic Preservation Certificate at the University of Colorado at Denver, I conducted in-depth research in the River North Art District neighborhood (RINO). 

This area is and has been comprised of many rich iconic structures that tell a story about Denver's rich history. Many of the buildings were metal working and forging factories, including the jewel Colorado Iron Works


For my preliminary property evaluation and nomination work, I specifically chose this building as I felt it worth rescuing as a pivotal jewel along the Brighton Blvd. corridor at at significant risk or being demolished.  I completed an in-depth research journey of the neighborhood and this building. 

I completed and submitted an involved Preliminary Property Evaluation Form to the National Register of Historic Places for possible consideration of future nomination and potential community rescue.  This involved my historic research, documentation photos - both past and present,  the building's present condition analysis and communication with the community and city.


I also later published an article about RINO in the Historical Studies Journal with ideas on how this building, along with others  like it could be rescued and rehabilitated into newly purposed community JEWEL's!

I also conducted a tour as a part of the DOORS OPEN DENVER to educate the public about the area and its significance.

Since, developers such as the well-known Zepplin Development Company in RiNo worked to re-design of the building and it is now a part of THE SOURCE in Denver. 


I am happy to finally see my initial vision and contribution to the building being rescued. It has become a strong significant addition to the local community!

RINO: From There to Now
Historic Studies Journal, Spring 2011
Brandy von Kaenel
April 2011
April 2011
Brandy von Kaenel
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